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Products we provide
Domestic hot water solution
In large buildings such as apartments, hotels, resorts, hospitals and industrial facilities, the demand for domestic hot water can be very large. In these types of commercial applica- tions, it might not be practical to use standard DHW storage tanks, due to the amount of hot water required.
High quality and built to last
All of our hot water tanks and heating stations are made of high quality materials, and are designed to provide reliable and comfortable hot water with long-lasting performance.
Products we provide
Heating, cooling and ventilation: Warmhouse develops smart and sustainable energy systems for residential and commercial buildings. As an OEM/ODM, a product driven company, we focus on the long-term. Our aim is to innovate for a life experience. All working individuals of Warmhouse Company follow this guiding principle.
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Comprehensive. Efficient. Sustainable. The comprehensive range of products and services from Warmhouse for all fuel types and application areas offers quality and sets new stan-dards.
Guangdong Warmhouse Technology Co.,Ltd.