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Warmhouse Technology

An industrial design and technology driven company focus on sustainable Heating, Cooling, and Hot Water solutions.

We offer leading design and product
development services in a technology advanced and
sustainable way

Warmhouse is a professional OEM/ODM service provider. With over 10 years of heat pump and HVAC industry experience, we only provide the most reliable and competitive products to the world.

Founded in 2016, Warmhouse has developed full industry chain resources and manufacturing capability. With self-developed PCBA driver boards, control systems, software programming capabilities, and inverter technology, Warmhouse focus on technology innovations for consistent product quality in every single market.

With 12 product lines and over 35 products, we offer a wide range of heat pump products for both residential and commercial use purposes. Together with our strict manufacturing system, comprehensive test laboratory, and meticulous Warmhouse team members, we deliver service and experience you will find no elsewhere.

We all commit to one goal
“ innovation for a new life experience ”

With the growing pace of transitioning to a green energy in every aspect of our life, Warmhouse is pushing our systems and product technologies to better merge into this sustainable trend. With heat pump system is being implemented and integrated into more and more traditional industries and energy sources, we believe our expertise in heat pump technology will help out the growing needs of sustainable heating and cooling system worldwide.

Combining our design team resources and strong manufacturing capability, we will continue to explore, discover, and strategically create heat pump products that can fill more gaps, and fulfill more of our needs.

Global Market

Among the whole turnover of WarmHouse, 75% is for export. As an export-oriented company, we will never stop our path globalization and serve every customer all over the world wholeheartedly.

Comprehensive. Efficient. Sustainable. The comprehensive range of products and services from Warmhouse for all fuel types and application areas offers quality and sets new stan-dards.
Guangdong Warmhouse Technology Co.,Ltd.