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Products we provide
A more efficient way of heating water
Air-source heat pump is way more cost effective of heating water in your pool or spa. By drawing heat from the ambient air and transfer them to the water, the heat pump is 4 times more energy efficient than a natural gas or propane heater.
High quality and built to last
We the best quality components on our product to ensure your experience. All series use Titanium heat exchanger for excellent salt water and chemical corrosion resistance. They also come with Auto-defrosting technology to prolong your pool and spa demands throughout the year.
Products we provide
Heating, cooling and ventilation: Warmhouse develops smart and sustainable energy systems for residential and commercial buildings. As an OEM/ODM, a product driven company, we focus on the long-term. Our aim is to innovate for a life experience. All working individuals of Warmhouse Company follow this guiding principle.
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Comprehensive. Efficient. Sustainable. The comprehensive range of products and services from Warmhouse for all fuel types and application areas offers quality and sets new stan-dards.
Guangdong Warmhouse Technology Co.,Ltd.